Hunting in
New Zealand
with Venator

An unforgettable experience

Venator offers the best of New Zealand hunting in one unforgettable experience – from world-record red stags, to world-class hospitality and countless open-air adventures right on your doorstep.

Being a guest at Venator New Zealand means experiencing the absolute best of everything. We’ve redesigned every step of the experience to provide hunters with the ultimate vacation from start to finish.

From the hospitality of our concierge service attending to your every need, to the luxury of our lodges serving the finest cuisine, we specialise in creating moments that will take your breath away.

Species to hunt
in New Zealand

At Venator, giant, world-record red stags are just the beginning of the perfect New Zealand hunt. We also offer a wide variety of big and small game hunts to complement any trip.

Venator offers something special for every hunter – with the biggest and best trophies including Himalayan tahr, chamois, fallow, elk, goat, ram, boar, whitetail, sika, sambar and rusa.

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New Zealand
hunting terrain

The south of New Zealand is widely recognised for its incredibly diverse and unique landscapes. Here, red stags along with the other species are hunted in our exclusive areas, specifically managed and chosen for fantastic natural animal habitat.

Our exclusive hunting areas are in undulating back country, covered in native vegetation, with beautiful pure mountain water. There’s excellent cover and plenty of draws and gullies. This environment delivers all the excitement of big game hunting in raw, untamed terrain, without compromise.

the best of
New Zealand
in one place

No matter which season you visit, there is always plenty to do in and around our luxury lodge. In summer, outdoor pursuits include hiking, mountain biking, fishing, kayaking, jetboating, paragliding and much more. In winter, a huge range of world-class ski fields bring alpine adventurers from across the globe.

As for our cuisine, it’s a showcase of the very best of New Zealand, pairing the freshest ingredients with the wild, distinctive flavours of our beautiful country. With all of our menus crafted by one of New Zealand’s finest chefs, you can rest assured every meal at Venator New Zealand is an event to savour.

red stags

We take great pride in providing a variety of eye-catching red stags, with great mass, exceptional width and long scoring points. With our red stag trophies scoring in excess of 700 SCI and 20kg of antler, we’ve gained considerable acclaim for producing world-class animals over many years.

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Best seasons
for hunting in
New Zealand

As New Zealand’s seasons are opposite to the Northern Hemisphere, Autumn down under is the magical time of year for hunting the elusive red stag.


Summer brings the unique opportunity to hunt chamois and tahr in their summer coats. Stag can be hunted in velvet.


Autumn is when the big hunt begins – with the red stag rut reaching its peak in late March and early April. Elk begin to bugle, joined by fallow bucks mid-season.


This is the last time red stags and sika trophies will be widely available, while chamois and tahr coats are still in their prime.


The start of spring sees the last good chance for hunting chamois and tahr.

What does a typical week hunting and fishing in the Sportsman’s Paradise look like? Download our guide to Venator New Zealand here.

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